Kent Membrane Filter


The important part of water purifier is “MEMBRANE” . Membrane is a participant in the work of the machine . Membrane are very thin seets of a Synthetic plastic. In membrane the size of pore is 0.0005 ,which helps Remove all the dirt hidden from inside the water. A pure water from a good Membrane ,is good for our health. There is a lot of small filth in the water, which we can not see,help of membrane in the water purifier to Clean it. Ro use a membrane to remove ions , molecules and larger particles from drinking water . The membrane water purifier is better then water purifier using Chemicals and UV. Membrane need a lot of energy to work. Membrane Water Purification is the best water purification technology In RO , membrane change every 2-3 year or based on Actual usage.

Types of  Membrane

 1.Micro-Filtration Membrane (M.F.)

  Micro- Filtration Membrane developed to solve the problem  of Microbial removal , Protein Fractionation . Micro-Filtration Membrane have a pore size range of 0.1 to 10 um . The pore size  of Micro-Filtration Membrane is used in removal of harmful substance for health.

2. Ultra-filtration Membrane (U.F.)

Ultra-Filtration Membrane developed to solve the problem of particulates facts , Bacteria, Protein and Sugars. Ultra-Filtration Membrane have a pore size range of 0.01 to  0.1 um . The pore size of Ultra-Filtration Membrane is fall between that of Nano-Filtration Membrane and Micro-Filtration  Membrane . Ultra-Filtration Membrane are dependents on transmembrane pressure to the sepration process. The feed stream is in parallel to the Ultra-Filtration Membrane which is help in developing the gel layer.

3.Nano-Filtration Membrane (N.F.)

The Nano-Filtration Membrane is used to clean fresh water and surface water. Nano-Filtration Membrane is used to remove  disinfection of producct as soft natural organic.Nano-Filtration Membrane is controlled PH , Temperature and type during development.

4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane ( R.O.)

Reverse Osmosis Membrane is a technology that uses in water purification. Reverse Osmosis Membrane is use to remove Ions, Larger Particles and Molecules from drinking water. The  work of Reverse Osmosis is use to increases the pressure on the salt side of the RO. Reverse Osmosis Membrane is used inn high pressure pump.