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Kent RO Service Center in Delhi Takes You Down to the History of Water Filters. Kent RO Service Center in Delhi Knows and Shows the Value of Pure Water is pure water readily available these days? No, the water supplied to your homes is contaminated. Population rise, industrial development and environmental degradation are some of the major causes that have done considerable damages to the water bodies. In such a situation, it becomes utmost necessary that we be aware of the water purification techniques. Our Kent RO Service Center in Delhi will help you with the purification of water and ensure that the drinking water you are getting becomes healthy and purified.
Kent RO Service Center in Delhi Presents to You the Evolution of Water Filters
Water filtration systems have been around for a long time. The famous Greek Scientist, Hippocrates invented the early water filter in the form of a cloth bag. Boiled water was poured through the cloth which acted as a sleeve trapping the sediments and impurities. Then came the fine China connection, wherein, a porous ceramic bowl was placed on top of another ceramic bowl. The impurities were trapped in the tiny holes of the top ceramic bowl percolating clean water underneath. This was at the time when epidemics of cholera and typhoid were common due to contaminated water. So, if you are sure that you need to provide clean and safe water to your family, get in touch with our Kent RO Service Center in Delhi.

Understand Water Filtration History with Kent RO Service Center in Delhi
Henry Doulton’s research created the first micro-porous ceramic carbon cartridge type filters that removed bacteria with 99% efficiency. This concept was widely used in military and hospitals. The water filters of today continue to use this technique, even though the range and efficiency have evolved over the years. The next ceramic bowl filters involved stacking up three bowls on top of another and inserting a different cartridge in each to remove different contaminants. The problem with this was the cleaning of cartridges. The new filters provided at Kent RO Service Center in Delhi really do not have any such issues.